Cowboy Candy

Cowboy Candy

Don't sleep on this recipe. Quick to make and even quicker to disappear.


Gettin'r Done

  • Start by slicing your jalapeños into 1/4 inch slices. Add them to a mixing bowl.
  • Next slice you shallots and mince your garlic, add them to the bowl.
  • Add the BBQ rubs and mix well with a rubber spatula.

  • Over medium high heat bring your apple cider vinegar and sugar to a rapid boil mixing constantly.
  • Once this reaches a boil, reduce heat to medium and continue to boil until the liquid starts to brown and becomes a syrup like consistency.

  • Once the desired consistency is reached, add the jalapeños and mix well.

  • When the liquid reaches a low boil again set your timer for 4 minutes.
  • During this time prepare your mason jars. Be sure they are clean for proper storage.
  • Scoop the jalapenos into the mason jars and then pour the liquid over top.
  • Wipe the jars prior to sealing. 
  • Put the lids on and let them set until you're ready to enjoy.

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