Talking Charcoal

Now that I'm in the house and have all my grills back, I'm pretty excited to be cooking with different style grills again. One of my favorite grills to use is my Louisiana Grills K21. I bought this ceramic grill used and it has been absolutely amazing. I don't have any accessories for it, nothing fancy about it, but it run like a top and holds heat unlike any other unit I have. Ceramic is sure nice when it comes down to fuel consumption. I've tried many different brands of charcoal and definitely have my favorites just as I'm sure you do yours. If I'm burning briquet then it's always been Jealous Devil Maxxx XL. They burn clean and I have never encountered any problems with them. But that being said, more often than not I'm burning lump charcoal. After burning many of the different big-name bags out there on the market, I've come to really like the Fogo Super Premium Charcoal (which I've been buying at Luxe Barbecue on Stapleton). Large chunks of charcoal, burns very clean and great smoke. I honestly cannot say enough great things about it. I've been using Fogo for some time now in both my Weber Kettle and my K21. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be trying other brands continuously as I love testing products. But Fogo will always have a place in my fuel collection. If you have any recommendations on other brands, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear your opinion.
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